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Our story starts in 2020

Prospective Habitat is a local nonprofit organization working to create a better world for our habitat.

Our main focus is promoting, educating, protecting and developing in sustainable way our culture and environment.

Founded in Tirana, Albania in 2020 by a group of people who love their habitat, with extensive experience in fields of environment, tourism, cultural heritage, human society, architecture.

Our mission is to develop projects toward a world where everyone has an important decent place to live. We would like to give life to an organism, an animal, an individual, to an old ruin or to one abandoned village.

We shall educate and sensitize the community for our environment, conduct studies, protect and improve the nature and culture.

Our organization will be not involved in activities of a political or religious nature and its decision making will be independent from government or public institutions, political parties or religious institutions.

In our vision, the cooperation with state agencies, national, international and intergovernmental associations, whose activity is related directly or indirectly with the goals of our organization, will be of particular importance.


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