Dritan Papavasili

Dritan is an architect and urban planner with a lot of experience in urban and architectural projects in Albania and outside country. 

Eni Cici

Eni has gained experience working for foreign companies as business consultant. In our organization she is offering her strong abilities in marketing, human resources and accounting fields.

Anjeza Puka

Anjeza has worked as project coordinator for non-profit organizations assisting in project managers teams with the coordination of all work elements. She organize projects with the goal of getting them completed on time and within budget.

Blerta Dyrmishi

Blerta is a structural engineer with a lot of experience in construction and supervision of large-scale public work construction projects, such as roads, bridges and other facilities. 

Këngë Haziri

A friendly, motivated & creative with excellent interpersonal & organizational skills. Kënga loves challenging herself and has a strong drive to see things through to completion!
She comes from a financial background, but she also has experience in marketing and has worked on planning and implementing numerous significant projects in the energy related field in Kosovo.

Besnik Grainca

Besnik is an interior architect specialized in designing and building interiors for safety, functionality and aesthetics. He also take into account interior construction, lighting and furnishings.