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Did you ever hear about Qestorat?

Qestorat is a living history village that provides visitors with the unique opportunity to step back in time and experience life in one unexplored magic place. Let’s go back into history.
Qestorat is a community of the former Lunxheria municipality in Gjirokaster. From 1874 to 1891 the village was home to the Greek Zographeion College, educational facilities that included primary and secondary male, female schools and a teacher’s academy and operated with the personal costs of the local benefactor Christakis Zografos. We started our walk exploring the village and discovering very nice places for hiking: Manastiri i Spilesë – Saraqinishtë and Honi i Pikes.

This village needs to be revitalized, it needs to be turned into a tourist attraction, nature is perfect, people are so kind and loving and it takes very little work to turn it into a nice destination not only for local tourists but also for foreign ones. If you are going to visit this village please share our experience with us, write in wikipedia other informations for Qestorat. We have to give light to all albanian villages!

"Amazing visit in Qestorat, Gjirokaster"


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