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Albania is a country characterized for its biodiversity and abundant contrasting ecosystems and habitats and we want to support projects focused on culture, tourism, nature,  biodiversity protection etc.

Socially Responsible Tourism

Our trips in different places in Albania are focused on cultural education, volunteer work, and adventure. They are designed to give the traveler a real, off-the-beaten path, village experience. We pride ourselves on creating tourism opportunities for our country that strive to uplift and empower the communities we visit.

Cultural heritage

Culture is present and endlessly influential in our life. Cultural heritage is one of the most important part of preserving history of each country especially the historical building restoration in order to last for many more years to come as evidence of originality and not to lose its genesis.


Natural environment ideas

Project ideas that cover a number of issues relating to the natural environment:

  • Recycling water
  • Renewable Energy
  • Habitat Model
  • Conduct a biodiversity audit
Role of leader in our organisation

Leadership is an important function of the management which helps to enhance productivity and to achieve organizational goals. In fact, leadership is an essential part and a crucial component of effective management which helps to maximize efficiency and achieve organizational goals. Our organisation is open to welcome new founders or board members and to share together our project ideas.

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What We Do